Thursday, February 18, 2010


Thursday, February 18, 2010

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In case you don't know me very well, I am a BIG dreamer. I have lot's of plans, hopes and goals. Running a marathon is only one of my goals.

I do things that scare me (those are usually the best).

I'm proud of all the cool, fun things that I have done so far, and I always look forward to my next adventure. Here's (some) of the things on my life list!

1. Go dog sledding
2. Learn to snowboard
3. Get my motorcycle license
4. Hot air balloon ride
5. Visit Monet's House in Giverny
6. Finish my Master's degree
7. Swim with dolphins
8. Run the Tely 10 - for 2 years now, and will hopefully keep doing this one every year!
9. Volunteer Abroad
10. See Cirque du Soleil
11. Go to Africa (Safari)
12. Have a small house/cabin by the ocean in Newfoundland
13. Go to New York City - and I will be going again to run my marathon!
14. Skydiving - pretty much my ultimate fear of heights. but I know it would be amazing.
15. Run a Marathon

Speaking of things that scare me, here's a few pictures of me ziplining a couple of years ago in Ontario. I'm a bit scared of heights, so started out shaking, but once I got the hang of it, it was AMAZING!



Cabin by the OCEAN! Why not a cabin.

You're all about the view! kiss

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