Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Weekend - Local Flavour

Sunday, May 30, 2010

There is really nothing better than a Saturday when you have absolutely nothing that HAS to be done. No weekend work, no school, no obligations or commitments.
Yesterday was one of those rare days for me.

We had lunch at a delightful local restaurant in Portugal Cove called the Ferry Last Stop. Tucked in off the road on Portugal Cove Road, shortly before the Bell Island Ferry turnoff, you might almost miss this cosy spot!

Probably the most unique restaurant in the metro area for sure, the food is homemade, many of the products come from the organic farm, and it is delicious. We had the stuffed french toast, cream cheese "stuffed" between 2 of the thickest pieces of homemade bread I have ever seen and covered with local berries in a white wine sauce. It was AMAZING. and I was full for the entire day.

I highly recommend that everyone make plans to visit. Artwork covers every wall, and you feel like you are dining in the sunny home of a dear friend. A "typical" restaurant, this is not - I love unique and interesting dining experiences.

Happy eating!


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