Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sunday, November 22, 2009
Dear Readers,

I have been absent for a few days. It's that time of year again, yep, final paper writing time. I have just pressed send on my final paper for this term of my Masters program. Fab-u-lous!

Today is Sunday so that means I had a 10 km run this morning.
We are running in pace groups and I miss my running buddies who are mostly running with other pace groups :( This is what happens when you try to take running half-seriously.

The topic today is H2O. I don't know about you, but I really have a hard time drinking water. I really have to force myself, EVEN THOUGH it makes my runs SOOOOOOO much easier.

I decided to Google (seriously, isn't google your best friend? What on earth did we ever do before google?) and see if I could up with some creative ways to spice up my water!

Suggestion #1
Make flavoured ice cubes to
go in your water! Cool - I'm thinking cranberry juice! However, I don't usually buy the groceries in this household so, hint, hint to husband!

Suggestion #2
Why stop there! What kind of cool ice cubes trays can I get for making these flavoured ice cubes? hmmmmmm more google. Take a look at what I came up with!


ok now just think about this for a second.
Cranberry Juice = red = red shoe ice cubes!


I could spell my name....or whatever I feel like, depending on mood!

You can visit the site where I found these 20 Unusual and Creative Ice Cube Trays for more options, including a more "manly" selection, including Tetris, Legos, Guitars etc. if that is more to your liking!

Do you do anything to make H2O drinking more enjoyable?



I love the Titanic Ice Cubes!

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