Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Empire State of Mind

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Last month my friend Jill was talking about this song, but things have been really hectic.
Today was the first time I actually sat down and listened to the full song and watched the video. Alicia Keys is awesome, as always.



I overheard some people at the NYC marathon kickoff 5-miler (which took place in central park the sunday before the marathon) saying that this song was the "official" song of the 2009 NYC Marathon. Although I can't find any evidence of this on the internet, I think it is an excellent song choice for the NYC marathon "...concrete jungle where dreams are made of"....MARATHON dreams!


Jill introduced me 2 this song during ur wedding week and i fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/ it. it's a gr8 theme song and especially since u r gearing up for the nyc marathon. props. awesome job on the site Al and i love reading ur thoughts. keep it up!

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