Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My favourite pose

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
(in yoga that is)

photo source: yoga journal
To be completely honest, I haven't been running much lately. Once a week, twice if I'm lucky. I think I needed a break, and it seems to be working well for me right now. Next week I will be helping Steve as he begins teaching a 10 km clinic, and that will get me back into a regular schedule. In the meantime, I'm practising yoga, at least once a week (sometimes twice) and really enjoying it.
I have recently been introduced to the online world of the Yoga Journal (
It's amazing! I think I would like to subscribe to this magazine.
My favourite part so far is the visual description of poses, along with the health benefits of each pose. For example, in "Half Lord of the Fishes" pose, above, some of the health benefits are stretching the shoulders, hips and neck (and my shoulders can use all the stretching they can get), energizing the spine, stimulation of liver and kidneys.
Another recipe coming soon!


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