Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Think Local

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In my recent travels to Nova Scotia, I was introduced to the WONDERFUL Two if By Sea Cafe. In a nutshell, I loved it. It had such wonderful local flavour. and by local I mean, makes pastries on site, is homey, and has a wonderful "slow food" feel. If you are in downtown Dartmouth, this is a MUST visit.

For some reason, this place made me think more about the slow food movement, and eating "local". One of my goals for the upcoming Spring and Summer is to buy and eat more locally grown produce.

There are a few options, even here, in our cold North Atlantic climate
1. The St. John's Farmers Market - a leisurely Saturday morning outing.

2. Lester's Farm Market - with in-season produce

3. The Organic Farm

and given that the slow food movement was founded in Italy, perhaps we will have to check something out there!


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