Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creative Cross-Training

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Have been feeling like an adventure lately, and came across this on Facebook this morning.

Held in cities all over the world. How FUN is that??? Some groups then donate the pillows to charities - for example, the pillow fight in New York City is donating to animal shelters to make beds for the animals (melt my heart NYC!). Very jealous of my dear friend Jill, who is probably attending this event. Jill - photos!!!

This would make a super fun cross-training workout for the arms! Does anyone else feel like we could get this off the ground in NL....I do!

From the NYC site, I stumbled unto something else near and dear to my heart - passion for photography, and these VERY cool events held by Newmindspace in Toronto and New York. Everyone shows up with a camera at a predetermined time and place, and starts snapping, uploading photos to Flickr afterwards. So cool. Other events include blanket forts and bubble battles.

My Public Service Announcement for today:

You are never too old to LIVE, be creative, have fun, and act like a kid.


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