Friday, December 18, 2009

What I learned from John Stanton - Part 1

Friday, December 18, 2009
Just get yourself outside.

John told a really interesting story - an angle that I hadn't thought of before.

On those days/nights when you are just not in the mood to go for a run - just put your running clothes on and walk around the house for a bit.

It's hard not to go for a run once you have all of your gear on.

Interesting. I have to try this.

I backed up this theory on Wednesday night. Dark. COLD. wind. pelting rain that felt like hail. yeah....let's go for a run! But it was hill night, and I have missed the last 2 weeks.

I had 2 moments where I almost bailed.

Moment #1: Walking out of the house - thought: "really, I'm not doing this am I??" (while shivering with my giant winter coat on over my running clothes).
Moment #2: Exiting the car at the Running Room - brain begins to think of all kinds of things I could do instead of going for a run.

But we went. and once we were warmed up, it was a GREAT run!!! No weather ever seems too awful once you are warmed up.

Just get out of the house and GO!


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